The Law Of Senja is the legal law sheet of the District of Senja in the Etchnion Zone. It features of the laws of the District as well as rules that must be followed by its citizens to ensure a peaceful life in the District of Senja.

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The Law of Senja, Senja District.

Senja District Capitol, Rex Blvd Vetriver, SJA

The Senja District is a legally recognized district in the Zone of Etchnion. Senja's Capitol is the City of Vetriver. These are the laws in which citizens of the District of Senja must obey. Disobedience may be punishable by law and banishment.

  1. Property Rights

Property is rightfully owned by either; an individual, a company, the city/village, or the District of Senja. Property owners allowed to refuse entry to said property lines to any individual. Exceptions of this rule, are only in emergency situations such as fire or burglary response, etc.

  1. Building Rights

Buildings can be built on any lot in municipals labeled with signs "THIS LOT OPEN FOR DEVELOPMENT". Buildings must be approved by the municipal building council before construction can begin.

Building in non-municipal locations must be on your owned property, and have acquired approval from the Senja District.

  1. Possessions

Theft of personal possessions is illegal and is subject to legal action or banishment. Items not kept by person(s) and not on claimed/unexplored property are not considered personal possessions.

  1. Theft

Theft is illegal and is punishable by legal action, jail time, or banishment. Theft can be theft of personal possessions, or non-psychical items such as copy-written material.

  1. Citizenship

A citizen of Senja may work or live in Senja. Non-citizens may visit for a limited time, or work on a work permit. If a person(s) want to apply for citizenship of Senja, they may do so at the Senja District Capitol building in Vetriver.