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A view of the Gold Tower from the base.

The Gold Tower is a 7-story condomenium tower located within the subdivision of Hillview in the City of Centura. It was the first major tower built in the city and at once point the tallest building in the world.


Construction began on the Gold Tower shortly after the Hillview Subdivision was founded. The city was facing a rapid expansion and a quick fix was a condomenium tower. Gold was chosen as an exterior colour to make it easily distingishable from the distance. At the time the tallest building was the Old Centura Village Hall, a small 5-story tower built in Downtown Centura. It houses 9 units, one of them being a top floor penthouse. Upon its completion it was the tallest tower in the known world. It is now the 9th tallest in the world by contrast. 

Gold Tower, Inc. Edit

The building is now owned by Gold Tower, Inc. A housing company recently formed from the tower. They currently have two locations in two cities, the original in Centura, and a new one in Vetriver.