The Reyida Tower is a 13-story high-rise tower in Downtown Centura, Reyida. It was the second skyscrapper to be built in the City of Centura after The Gold Tower. It houses ultra-small condos. It now faces problems of low residency rates and crime issues.

History Edit

The Reyida Tower was the idea of Harry Trenton, the same person who had the Gold Tower built. Its vision was to be a futuristic tower built into a small piece of land and to be the new tallest building in Centura, and therefor the known world.

The building was then built. It was never designed well, however. The living spaces were very, very cramped and small. The condos came fully furnished and sold for 50c. Making them very affordable. At the time of opening 10 of the 12 units were sold and moved into.

As Centura grew and larger space homes and condos were constructed for not much more money, the Reyida Tower lost most of its residents. The tower also housed one office, the first offices to Sheyda Controls.

Trenton Properties, not wanting to deal with the building then sold the tower to Orios Properties of Centura. Orios Properties then lowered the condo prices to 10c. Making a large number of once homeless or troubled people move in. Raising the crime rate in that immediate area.

Today, however, a large number of those people are gone and the building only has a few residents. Most spaces are empty. Including Sheyda's old offices remain in place abandoned.

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