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Chip's home in North Ridge

North Ridge is a neighborhood of the City of Centura. It is the second least populous and second smallest of the neighborhoods of Centura. 

History Edit

North Ridge was once not going to be concired part of the City of Centura and was going to remain District of Reyida property. However due to its vicinity to the city and that it does has a few homes, at a time, North Ridge was then adopted by the City. North Rige once at a time had a few homes in its bounderies. Now it only contains one home owned by Chip. 

House FireEdit

North Ridge consists of the northernmost part of the Ursan Peninsula mainland and a bit south of that. What is now North Ridge Bay however was once land where a large

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An old picture of North Ridge from the north. Notice the BurnUp's home still remaining.

house was being built by BurnUp as his new home. During one thunderstorm however the building was struck by light

ning and started on fire. BurnUp failed to put out the fire and most of the house was destroyed. It was then abadoned by BurnUp. The property was later cleared and was made into a bay by Chip.