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Arial view of Hillview looking north-east.

Hillview is a neightbourhood in the City of Centura. It is the first subdivision to be established for the Centura. It is also the most populus of the subdivisions.


Hillview was established shortly after Centura expanded past of the main area now known as Downtown Centura. It is located on a hill, which created its name, Hillview, as a hill used to slope down into what is downtown, however the hill was cut off and a barrier wall was put up, creating a border between Downtown Centura and Hillview. The south of Hillview is also also concidered part of Downtown Centura as it contains a couple of business towers making up the skyline of Centura. Hillview contians the Gold Tower, a 7-story condomenium tower, the Avant Tower, the Central Centura subway station, the first LeWick's Burgers & Fries location, and several homes. 


Hillview is located on a hilltop and has a few small ponds, and several small trees, and a few ramaining jungle trees.