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Goldwinn Street in the Lake Park neighbourhood.

Goldwinn Street, written on signs as "Goldwinn St" is a major city street in The City of Vetriver. It travels from Downtown Vetriver out west all the way and connects up near The Village Of Aberdeen. It is one of the longest city/village streets in the Etchnion Zone.

History Edit

When Vetriver was being developed in the Downtown region, a grid street layout was being planned, sprouting west from the, then Route 1, passing through Downtown. These streets would all run parallel with each other for some time. These streets are; Goldwinn St, Harmony Ave, and Farnell St.

Farnell St is rather short and terminates in Berkley on Valeing Ave and is only one block long.

Harmony Ave is longer, and eventually turns south and crosses over Goldwinn St.

Goldwinn St, however, keeps going for miles. Goldwinn St also splits into a median in the Hannover Park neighbourhood, with a large grass section in the median for the rest of the route.

Goldwinn Street goes through every neighbourhood in Vetriver, except Riverside.

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Goldwinn Street in Downtown Vetriver.

Goldwinn St is one of the longest city/village streets in the Etchnion Zone. Wilde Drive, however is longer, but doesn't travel is far. Wilde Drive is very windy, and when stretched out is longer than Goldwinn St. Goldwinn Street, though, is the longest straight street in the zone.

Expanding Edit

Goldwinn Street has been in construction for a long time, with it getting expanded further west each time the city grew. However, it finally ends at Meadow Street near Aberdeen. The Senja Department of Transportation says though, once development reaches out there, Goldwinn Street will keep continuing further west. It is a possibility to one day be the longest city street in the Zone.