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The Wiki page for all things on the Etchnion Minecraft Server. Etchnion is the name of the zone on an unnamed planet in which Minecraft is set.

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Etchnion is the name of the Zone on this planet the game takes place in. The planet is devided up into these "zones" each zone as an official name and number assigned to it. Each zone is then further divided into "Districts". Each district also has an offical name and number assigned to it. These numbers are what make up each area's unique postal code as well. For example Etchnion's number is 7A, and the Senja District's identifying number/letter is "S", so all postal codes within the District of Senja begin with "7AS' and go on from there. 

Eatch district also has its own govermental body under ruling of the Zone of Etchnion. Eatch district may assign a city as its 'capitol' city as well. 

Etchnion is currently divided into four districts as of current. The four districts are; Reyida, Senja, Trenton, and [insert].

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