The Elwinn Manufacturing Company was founded by Gregory Elwinn in Vetriver, SJA. They manufacture many goods for several other businesses. This includes, elements, equipment, surfaces, and appliances. They are based out of the Dousman Neighbourhood in Vetriver, but have their manufacturing plant in Commack, SJA.

History Edit

Gregory Elwinn founded his company to manufacture goods for other businesses. He started out by messing with elements and producing many redstone products, in which the company Sheyda Controls was interested in. Sheyda Controls was Elwinn's first contract. Elwinn Company manufactures most of Sheyda's products or parts of their products and parts for their equipment.

Gregory then started branching out to more elements and other products for other companies. Including building materials, and appliances like furnaces and crafting tables, and chests.

Elwinn Manufacturing Company's headquarters is located at:

833 Charter Ln STE 3

Vetriver, SJA 7AS06

Elwinn's Manufacturing plant is located at:

919 Hopps Ln

Commack, SJA 7AS03