Downtown Vetriver is a neighbourhood in the City of Vetriver

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Downtown Vetriver, in Central Vetriver

 It is the oldest neighbourhood in the city. The Downtown neighbourhood consists of the original area the city was founded on, before it was refered to as "Downtown". 

History Edit

Downtown Vetriver was the main and only section of Vetriver at the time of the city's foundation, simply just known as Vetriver at the time. At the time the main road that passed through was the original Route 1, which came down to the Pointe, and wrapped around and headed south into the jungle area. This main stretch of old Route 1. when it cornered right was the original downtown. For a while Vetriver was just a small village with a small population and not to much growth.

Until some time later Vetriver saw its population growth, and then explosion shortly after the Hotel and Convention center construction. Since Vetriver was on a much larger and vast area vs Centura, which was on a smaller, and hillier terrain, large buildings could be constructed, and this drew alot of attention.


Very old image of a map of Vetriver. Only Berkley exists besides Downtown Vetriver.

The area that was on the Pointe grew into just 'Downtown', with a good handful of skyscrapers, Central Park is within Downtown Vetriver, which previously bordered Berkley, until part of Downtown pushed into Berkley. The Downtown neighbourhood was originally included in "Central Vetriver", which was an area ontop of several other neighbourhoods to distinguise key areas, or areas not in neighbourhoods. This was later removed, and all areas are now apart of a neighbourhood in Vetriver.
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Older image of the Downtown Skyline. Shortly after the Pointe Tower was constructed.

Most of Downtown Vetriver's residents live in apartments, or small older homes from the early days of Vetriver.

Features Edit

Some of the features located within Downtown Vetriver