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Arial View of City of Centura.

Centura is a city and is the oldest settlement known on Etchnion. It is currently the second largest city in the sector behind The City of Vetriver.

History Edit

Centura was founded on a Jungle penninsula called Ursan. The first building built in the area was a house built in a large jungle tree by John Pennington on the southermost point of the penninsula, so that it would be easlily noticed by people passing by on boat. Later two settlers known as Rex and Mr. VazDrae settled in the area and were welcomed by the large house in the tree with supplies and a place to rest. VazDrae spotted an island off the east coast of the Ursan Penninsula, and decided to build a home on it. 

Later a Route construction began. Route 1 was established thoughout the Ursan Penninsula, which connected to another region called Senja, and continued to travel north.

An idea of a town on the Southern area of the Ursan Penninsula was pointed out. Construcion began by the tree in 

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A view of Centura Tower from above.

which the house was in began. They began to clear many of the jungle trees and a few buildings were built. Later, however, it was thought that TNT would be an easier and faster path to clear out the area. It cleared a large area and took some of the original bulidings. The land was then flattened and was bulid over the old houes, and some can been seen in the "Under The City" section under the downtown area of Centura. Later, the first true home was built in what is now the downtown of Centura.

Centura began to rapidly expand onto the rest of the penninsua. An idea was to break Ursan off from the main land was brought up and was carried out with TNT, making it Ursan Island. Currently land restoration projects are being c

arried out to restore Ursan to a penninsula state.

Noteable FeaturesEdit


Centura is made up of several neighbourhoods, they include:

Suburbs Edit

  • Helvalon - Centura's newest and only suburb.

Transportation Edit

Centura is served by rail with the RTA Subway system, with three stops in Centura:

  • Spawn Island Station
  • Centura Central Station
  • Woodcrest Station

Centura is connected to the Route 1 Expressway with several exits, including Centura Ave and Reyida Ave.

Centura is also served by one VTA System Station, connecting Centura by rail to Vetriver. Station in Camden.

Gallery Edit

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Skyline of Centura. Looking directly north.