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Avant Wireless Headquarters in Vetriver

Avant Wirless is a mobile telephone service that offers service thoughout of most of the Reyida and Senja Districts. Founded early on, they have an established cellular network, and a large customer base.

History Edit

Avant Wireless was founded by Darien Holmes out of a small office in downtown Centura, RYA and with two cellular towers both located in Downtown Centura.

Darien then with a customer base worked on expanding his cellular tower network thoughout of the Reyida District. Making sure wherever the person was, in town or out traveling between towns in the countryside they would have service.

Darien sold phones though a network of retail providers in the Centura area, as well as would take orders though the company's phone line. Darien then expanded by building a tower in the largely growing Village of Vetriver.

Once Vetriver reached a larger size Darien decided to move the company to Vetriver, and built a large three story office building on the river's side close to Downtown. At this time Avant decided to open it's first retail store in the Bay Plaza shopping.

This retail store idea was a major hit, and they opened another store in Downtown Centura, as well as opened a store withing the company's HQ building.

The company is the largest mobile telephone provider in terms of customers and it's coverage network.

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Typical setup for an Avant Wireless Store. Vetriver Grand Mall location shown.

Plans Edit

Avant Wireless offers 4 different plans:

Everything (Unlimited Talk, Text, Data)......45c/mo

Basic (Unlimited Talk, Text)........25c/mo

Talk (Unlimited Talk)..............10c/mo

Data (Unlimited Data)...........27c/mo

Store Locations Edit

Avant Wireless HQ and Store

761 Wilde Dr

Vetriver, SJA 7AS05

Hannover Park

768 Goldwinn St STE 200

Vetriver, SJA 7AS05

Lake Park - Vetriver Grand Mall

790 Grand Mall Ave STE D110

Vetriver, SJA 7AS06


7764 Chenta St

Centura, RYA 7AR01


4403 Main St STE 101

Adrian, RYA 7AR04


5508 Baycrest Cir STE 100

Addison, RYA 7AR03


8979 Route 2

Helvalon, RYA 7AR02


506 Route 14

Aberdeen, SJA 7AS06


953 Freemont Ave STE A

Commack, SJA 7AS03


212 S Century Ave

Larsen, SJA 7AS06


101 N Main St

Allenton, SJA 7AS09